A key to a smooth ceremony on wedding day is a smooth rehearsal the day (or two!) beforehand. How do you ensure a smooth rehearsal? Here are some do’s and don’ts to help make your wedding rehearsal successful!



  • Tell everyone to arrive early

You might have limited time for rehearsal and want to make sure you get through it all before dinner. Tell everyone to arrive a few minutes early and likely half of them will arrive at the actual time you wanted to start!

  • Have someone in charge

If there’s no one in charge, things could get chaotic and added stress is the last thing you want right before wedding day.

  • Create imaginary aisle

This will help anyone processing in the ceremony imagine the kind of space they have and feel more comfortable about it on wedding day.

  • Carry a fake bouquet

It will help the bride and bridesmaids imagine what things will actually be like on wedding day and can practice where to hold it and for the bride, the hand off of it during the ceremony.

  • Practice give away

A lot of dads or the person handing the bride off get nervous during this task and a chance to practice it can put them at ease. It will also make things less awkward on wedding day because you’ll look like you know what you’re doing.

  • Bring the flower girl basket and/or ring bearer pillow

If you are having kids in your wedding it’s always questionable how they will act, but at least if they know exactly what they are holding or doing as they walk down the aisle it will give them a chance to feel confident for the next day.


  • Forget readers

Readers are an important part of your ceremony and if they are at rehearsal, they will know exactly when it’s their turn and won’t miss their cue on wedding day.

  • Panic if someone can’t make it

A lot of the times, a bridesmaid or groomsmen can’t get out of work early or it’s too difficult to get grandma to rehearsal. And that’s okay. Chances are they have been in a wedding before, and if not, as long as it’s someone just walking in and standing/sitting without another job it’s an easy explanation to them on wedding day.

  • Practice the ceremony word for word

Your group will lose patience and cooperation if you run through the ceremony word for word. Also, don’t you want to leave some surprises for wedding day?!

  • Force kids to cooperate

If you’re having kids in your wedding, you should already be well aware that anything could happen. If a kid is crying or if they decide to run or crawl down the aisle, then let it happen.

  • Forget to step back and make sure you like how the altar order looks

To avoid looking back at your pictures and thinking “I wish we changed the order,” make sure you take a step back once everyone is lined up and look at the order and make any changes then.


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