Usually it's always all about the bride and her dress and wedding dress shopping but, today, we're going to show some love for the grooms out there. From renting to purchasing, from off-the-rack to custom made, it's not as simple as grooms may think. Here are some of the top questions answered about dressing the groom for wedding day.

Q: When do grooms need to start looking at options and make a decision? 

A: Typically, you need to make that decision 3-4 months out. If you're indecisive, then 6-8 months. You want to have your final attire picked out by three months and shared with your groomsmen, and have them ordered, so, not just you being indecisive is a concern, but you want to think about your group of guys and how timely they are in taking direction.

Q: What are the different options for grooms’ attire? 

A: You can go suit, you can go tux, you can go rental or you can buy. You can buy something off the rack, or you can have something custom made. If you get into custom made, the options are literally endless. There's definitely a lot of possibilities that I don't think people think about it because it is always all about the dress shopping. 

Q: What kind of price points are we talking? 

A: Renting is always generally less expensive, usually in the $150 to $200 range. Some places, if you have a certain number of groomsmen rent will give you a discount or you might get yours for free. Your big box stores are going to tend to be a little less expensive than maybe a local store or something that's a little more boutique feeling where it might be more expensive. Off-the-rack probably start at $200 or $300 and then, custom made, $500 or $600 and going up from there. 

Q: How do you decide if renting or buying is right for you? 

A: Ask yourself, are you going to wear it again? Will I ever have a use for it? If you're the kind of person that's like, I am never going out to an event, especially post pandemic, then maybe renting makes more sense. It depends on your budget, too. If you buy it, you can have it altered to you and the fit is going to be slightly better than it would be. You can do a lot with rentals but, of course, there's nothing that beats something that's perfectly tailored to your body. But budget is the biggest factor because you do save a decent portion of money renting versus buying. 

Q: Where are some places that I can rent or buy from? 

A: You have your big box places that everybody thinks of. Black Tux is one of our favorite places. It's so easy, you can order online, it comes straight to your house. Nordstrom has some great options. We have a local store in Charlotte called OMJ that has amazing options.

Q: How do you pick a color? And are there certain fabrics that are better for certain seasons? 

A: If you're getting married in the winter, wool, if it's cool. If you're getting married in the summer in the south or something like that, then have a lighter weight material. If you’re trying to decide on a color, I think it depends on the trend at the time and it depends on what the other side of the wedding party is wearing. Navy and gray are always safe, yeah. Probably shouldn’t do a linen suit unless you're on the beach. 

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Photo credit [vetted]: Abby Byrd Photography