Wedding invitations are going to be your guests first look into your wedding. Aside from perfecting the look and design, you want to perfect the details, too. So, how do you do that? Well, for starters, here’s eight mistakes you can avoid making when it comes to invitations. 


Super early start time

We know it’s tempting to put a start time earlier than your actual start time to ensure guests arrive on time. However, it’s not the right thing to do. For the majority of your guests who will show up on time, they will be left sitting around waiting for longer than they should.


Including your registry

Your registry information should live on your wedding website. And your wedding website should have been sent out with your save-the-dates. It can be seen as tacky to put your registry information on your actual invitation. If you didn’t send save-the-dates or feel it necessary to reiterate the information, include a details card.


No details card

To that point, not including a details card when you have details to share is definitely a mistake. You don’t want to include anything above the basics on your actual invitation, otherwise it feels crowded and informal. Outside of the time, date and location any other details should be included on a details card.


Sending them too early (or too late!)

It’s important for wedding invitations to be sent within a specific timeframe. The sweet spot for that is two to three months out. Sending them too early will cause a lot of forgotten RSVPs and sending them too late will cause for a lot of last-minute stress.


Not putting a stamp on the RSVP

Without a stamp on your RSVPs, a lot of guests won’t think twice and will still try to put them in the mail and not realize it. It will likely lead to a lot of missing RSVPs. Aside from the fact that it’s just common courtesy!


No RSVP due date

On that same topic, not including a RSVP due date makes the request for reply feel optional. You’ll have a lot of follow up calls to make when you are trying to gather all your final numbers.


Ordering the exact amount

If you order the exact amount of invitations you send out not only will you not have an extra for detail shots or to frame, but you aren’t accounting for any possibly printing mistakes or lost mail phone calls.


Not putting names

If you don’t put the names of exactly who you are inviting, it may lead to confusion on who in that household is actually invited and you could end up with more than or planned.



Photo credit: The Tattooed Bride Photography