There are some unexpected and relevant questions you can ask your DJ. Let’s start with the ones we haven’t covered:

Will you also be my Emcee?
There are some DJs out there who won't talk on the microphone, others will have a partner who's making your announcements. Your professional DJ will guide you and your guests through the whole evening smoothly and without upsetting anyone. Your Stylus DJ is also your emcee and wedding entertainment director. We've got you covered.

What’s your back-up Plan?
Sometimes things go wrong, how do we fix it? At Stylus, we're usually the ones fixing problems, but we're happy to tell you what our layers of back-up are and how we've handled difficult situations at events. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that there's no reset button, and how you handle it moving forward requires quick wits, self-assurance, and great tunes.

Have you been to my Venue before?
This is a great question, although the answer doesn’t have to be yes. This just leads into the discussion about how your professional DJ will be knowledgeable and prepared in time for your wedding. I've been to scores of venues that I'm not very familiar with, the difference was I did my homework and, where possible, did a site visit in advance. If I can't do a site visit I'll get pictures, diagrams, and specific instructions from direct contact with the coordinator, venue rep, and the clients themselves.

How do you prepare for your events?
The answer should encompass months of communication, planning and intensive preparation immediately before your event (you should read that as a week or two out, not the night before). This should also be where your DJ walks you through everything you’ll need to do to make sure they deliver the event you’re looking for. Lots of pros will have an online form (or 4) they’ll want you to fill out, others may still do it old-school with a pen and paper. Either way is just fine as long as the details are clear and understood.

Our planning process starts the moment you contact us. We're taking notes, preparing ideas, and getting you ready to have a great time. This involves phone calls, emails, in-person meetings, and communication with your other vendors to ensure we're the most prepared vendor in the room.

What’s included and are there any extras that we might need?
Some DJs start with a low price then add on the extra hours or services based on your needs. Others may throw in a bunch of extras to help win you over (or to overcome a deficiency elsewhere). The professional you want to work with makes this very clear and transparent. Some fantastic DJs don’t do any extras, others will have a bunch. Equipment doesn’t make the DJ but someone who’s been paying attention to you will be able to offer some informed opinions.

Stylus' wedding packages include everything you need for a great event, but every client is different and we're honored to help you make it happen.

Will You Be My DJ?
Some less than scrupulous DJ companies (not naming any names!!!) will bait and switch you. The only compelling reason to switch your DJ would be for the same reasons you might postpone your wedding date (anything that might land you at the hospital). If not, meet your DJ and make sure you’re compatible. Personality accounts for a lot in this line of work. At Stylus, we've never missed an event or made a switch, although we have back-up plans just in case of something extreme.

What makes you different/special/ a unique and beautiful snowflake?
There's no right answer to this, its really just for you to get a sense of what they're emphasizing. Stylus SE was founded on quality, skill, and professionalism. Others may focus on price point, celebrity status, gadgets/add-ons or something else entirely.

For Stylus' Marquee DJs, the answer is simply skill, professionalism, & raw dance party power.

Will there be any breaks or silence?
Bands take breaks because, with that many people, it can be hard to keep everyone going for an extended session.  Most DJs won't have a break in the music even if they need a break to run to the restroom or get a glass of water. If they are taking a break, ask them how music will be played when they're away.

Is your music edited?
I feel embarrassed that we even have to include this one, but there are some people out there who think your wedding is deserving of the audio equivalent of a high school locker room. It’s not. You don’t want Grandma having a heart attack because your DJ dropped the unedited version or I’m On A Boat or Greased Lighting (which is a dirty, dirty, dirty song).

Radio Edits are the way to go, usually edited for language (not content) and it’s the fine balance between Chris Rock and Kidz Bop.

What’s in the contract and how do we pay you?
Is there a schedule? Since wedding work is sometimes feast and famine, some professionals have a payment schedule in place to make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the year. A professional will also present you with a contract that legally obligates them (and you) to perform (and pay) for services rendered. Make sure it details what services they’ll provide, start & end times, and anything else (like power or a table) they might need to be successful at your event.


What’s your mic style and level of interaction?
Photographers will tell you that interaction is the single most important element of what makes a great DJ. That doesn’t mean they’re out front the whole time, but it does mean they know how to use the tools they have to get the results they want. Some DJs can guide your guests with limited mic work, others really work to get your guests engaged or will help create special moments. The real test of this is going to be talking to talking to them. You’re going to be listening to them all night – make sure you like what they're doing to ensure it’s what you want. I love it when clients talk about what they DIDN'T like at a previous event they went to, that helps us narrow down exactly what they're going for.

Picking a DJ matters - this might be the single most important vendor choice you make about the entire event. You'll spend 4-10 times longer at your reception than you do at your ceremony and it's certainly where the most memories are formed.