Maybe all the logistics behind a big wedding isn’t for you and that’s totally okay! You can elope and have a day that is just as beautiful. Elopements are becoming increasingly more popular and we are here for it. 


Elopements aren’t quite what they used to be – it’s not always going to Vegas to be married by Elvis. A lot has changed, so here are the basics when it comes to planning an elopement, nowadays. 



While, yes, Vegas is still a popular elopement destination, it’s not the only choice. Really, you can elope anywhere. From your local courthouse to a nearby beach or mountain city to an exotic location like the Caribbean or Europe, there’s really no one place that is best for elopements. Pick somewhere that speaks to you as a couple – your favorite vacation spot or a place neither of you have been but have always wanted to go to. 



The point of an elopement is for it to be private and intimate. Sometimes that means just the two of you and sometimes that means the two of you plus your immediate family. Sometimes that may even mean the two of you and your closest friends, it just depends who you can or can’t imagine saying “I do” without. 



An elopement can happen much quicker than it would if you planned a traditional wedding. That means, in theory, you could go to the courthouse tomorrow and elope, but it just depends on where you plan to do it and who you plan to include. If you are including anyone else, you’ll have to make sure you plan around their availability. Also, since you have less people to worry about, it gives you a little more flexibility on the day of the week you elope on. Maybe you want to elope on a Thursday, so you have a three-day weekend to do nothing but celebrate!


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