You’ve already booked your DJ or your band, so you know the music will be good! But maybe you’re looking for a unique way to entertain your guests once they get tired from dancing and need a little break. Or maybe you just want to come up with a surprise for your guests to keep them talking about your wedding for years to come! Here are a few additional entertainment ideas to give you something to think about.


Photo Booth

This one is a regular go to for couples. Everyone loves a good photobooth! It gives your guests something to do and something to remember the wedding by. It’s a win-win! If you really want to up the entertainment factor, try something outside the box like a mirror photo booth or pick up some personalized props!


Cigar Roller

If you are a cigar smoker, this could be a cool idea! Have a cigar roller stationed on the patio during cocktail hour or after dinner, and let your guests watch their cigar get hand rolled right before their eyes. Before booking, make sure your venue has a smoking section you can use. 


Lawn Games

Maybe you’ve been known to run the cornhole board a time or two, or maybe your venue just has an awesome lawn space you want to take advantage of. There are so many classic games that can be turned life size now, your guests are bound to find something they love to play. Think Connect Four, Jenga, Checkers – so many options!


Live Painter

This is a pretty awesome option, not so much for your guests to do but for your guests to witness. And, in the end, you get something to take home. Have a painter come and live paint a scene during your wedding. First dances are a great moment for live painters and helps you to remember that moment forever. 


Mascot Appearance

Maybe you have season tickets to your city’s NFL or NBA team, or maybe you both went to the same college and are big into their sport’s team. If that’s the case, arrange for your favorite team’s mascot to come make an appearance. They are sure to hype things up and kick off your dance floor with a bang!


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Photo Credit: Victoria Grace Photography