There are certain events that will likely take place over the same weekend of the wedding. Typically, there is a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and sometimes even a farewell brunch. If you are having a “destination” wedding where most of your guests are traveling in from out of town (possibly including you!), then you might want to consider some additional events that give guests a chance to explore the city.

One thing to consider is starting wedding weekend early (because why not?!). If guests are traveling in early, consider starting the celebration on Thursday. Pick activities that really showcase your wedding location. If you are in a beach town, schedule a beach day. If you are in wine country, schedule a group wine tasting. Thursday is a great day to do something that is a little more suited for a smaller group, since you will likely still have people traveling in. A casual welcome BBQ that evening is always a nice way to welcome guests to town without the pressure of having to get dressed up or show up somewhere at a certain time.

On the Friday before the wedding, you may be busy with a bridal luncheon or rehearsal but set something else up for your other guests who are not included. If your group isn’t an organized tour type of group, give them the option to schedule their own outing. Put a note in their welcome bag with a list of ideas and suggestions of things for them to do while they are in town.

Saturday of the wedding organize a shuttle to take people to and from your favorite lunch spot for the afternoon to give guests a little taste of what you love about that location. Or consider a city tour if time allows. Then, on Sunday continue the fun with more ways to show off your destination like attending a sports game, organizing a mini golf tournament or planning a stop at your favorite local brewery. 

Show your guests why you wanted to have your wedding in that place and what you love so much about the location you chose. They will be sure to love it, too!

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