You’ve worked really hard to get your guest list to where it is, but now the time has come to actually finalize it. Not sure what the next steps are? We’ve got your back!

Narrowing It Down

Even though it’s unlikely that your entire guest list will accept the invitation, you should still plan for the worse. Make sure you are comfortable with your final number possibly being your in attendance number before considering your guest list final.

Having said that, you might still try to knock a few more people off the list. The best place to start is with plus ones. If you need to eliminate people, eliminate unnecessary plus ones. After that, co-workers are also a good place to try and cut back. Maybe keep it to your one or two close co-workers and just keep the wedding talk hush-hush at work. If you still need to make some cuts, start asking yourself if you see yourself staying friends with each person for years to come. If you haven’t spoken to someone in a couple months but are inviting them because you were invited to their wedding, it’s time to rethink their invitation. 

Collecting Information

Congrats! You’ve made it through one of the more difficult parts of wedding planning. Now that you have your final guest list, you need to start collecting information for the actual invitations.This means full addresses, full and real names (not just nicknames), and names of any plus ones. 

This is no easy feat either, so even though you might not finalize your guest list until later on in the planning process, we recommend starting to collect this information early on for the people on your guest list you know there’s no question about being invited. Keep in mind, if you collect addresses far in advance of mailing anything out, make sure you check back in if anyone on your list moved since giving you their address.

Once you’ve gotten your guest list finalized and you start collecting addresses, you’ll want to keep all that information in a central location. You will also need the names and addresses from the guests both sets of parents plan to invite. The best way to combine all the guest lists into one and track all the addresses is something like a GoogleDoc or an editable file in DropBox. This allows everyone to easily access the same file and edit it when they want.

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