Once you've decided what styles you like, it’s time to search for a stylist that is going to best match that style and help you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world on wedding day!


As always, Bustld is the best place to start because we have vetted vendors and you can be sure you are hiring a professional. You can go into their storefronts and on to their websites so you can look at their portfolio and make sure they have a similar style. You also want to make sure that whatever artists you are considering offers the services you prefer. So, airbrush versus traditional makeup or specializing in up-dos versus braids. Also, consider other specialties like tattoo cover up or experience with extensions.


After you’ve found a few artists that you think match your style and what you are looking for, there are a few things you should know before reaching out. 

  1. Obviously, you should know your wedding date. Otherwise how will they know if they are available? 
  2. You should have an idea of how many services will be getting done. Will all your bridesmaids be getting hair and makeup or just one or the other? 
  3. An idea of your “need to finish by time” because if they already have another wedding on that day they can determine if they would be able to do both. If one is a morning wedding and one is an evening wedding, it’s possible to do both.
  4. Lastly, as always, you should know what your budget for hair and makeup is. Prices do vary from artist to artist.


When you’ve got the answers, or at least an idea of the answers to these questions, start reaching out to your top choices and make sure you are asking the right questions with the help of this article


Select the artist you feel most comfortable with and set up a trial. Most artist will allow you to do a trial before committing and then will apply the cost of the trial toward your package price. This way you can feel 100 percent confident in your choice!


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Photo Credit: J.P. Lord Photography