They say it’s all in the location!

It’s important to find the perfect ceremony spot because the ceremony is the most important part of the day. After all, it is what makes this whole thing official and the place that you will start your forever with the one you love in front of those you love most. So now that we know how important it is, how exactly do you find that special spot?


First things first, will you be getting married in a place of worship or not?

If you are getting married in a place of worship, it may be an easy decision if you are using a family church or synagogue. If that’s not the case, you need to consider the denomination of the place of worship you are looking at, whether being a member is a requirement and the rules of that location. Since a place of worship is just as it is called, there are usually very strict rules to photographing and videoing inside. Lastly, consider the location of the ceremony site in relation to the location of the reception site. If it is quite a good bit of distance away, consider your guests and offer transportation for them between the two. 


If not, now you must decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony

Are you looking for a garden or tropical feeling to set the tone for your wedding? Then you should consider an outdoor wedding. If you are looking for something a little more industrial (or maybe you don’t want to chance the weather!), opt for an indoor ceremony space.


If you do decide to take your chances on an outdoor ceremony, make sure you a prepared with a rain plan! 


Now that you know inside or outside, consider the options

Once you’ve made the indoor vs. outdoor decision, you can start narrowing in on a few different options. A few things to consider when looking at spaces:

  • What is the capacity vs. your guest list size?
  • Is there a space for your cocktail hour and reception on site and will it involve flipping the ceremony space?
  • Is there a permanent backdrop like an arbor or would you need to factor a backdrop into your budget?
  • Are there any restrictions like photography or rose petal throwing?
  • Can you picture yourself walking down the aisle?


If you are looking at outdoor space, consider these questions, also:

  • What will the landscape look like during the time of year of your wedding is in?
  • What is the rain plan?
  • Is electricity accessible?


Now that you know what you are looking for, start contacting venues for your big day by clicking HERE.


Photo Credit: Alyssa Frost Photography