Before you start looking for a beauty artist, you want to have an idea of what kind of style you are looking for. You should have some pictures to show your artist as inspiration, so they know what you are going for. 


So, obviously Pinterest is a great place to start looking for picture inspiration. Did you know that Bustld also features real weddings where you can look at pictures for inspiration, too? We also have articles like this one on top hair styles that can help for inspiration!


Also, you can pull from real life experience. Maybe you are a seasoned bridesmaid and have had your hair and makeup done enough times to know what you did and didn’t like. 


There are a lot of different ways styles can be defined. If you are drawn to classic up-dos and natural colored eyeshadows, you are probably a more traditional style. If you are drawn to hair styles with some waves and down or loosely pulled back with light makeup, that would be a natural and romantic style. Find yourself pulling pictures mostly of braids and flowers crowns and smoky eyes? Then you are definitely looking for a more boho bridal look. Is a red lip and rosy cheeks your thing? Your look would be defined as vintage


There are really so many different styles and you don’t have to stick to just one! Maybe you want to pair a vintage red lip with a boho braided ‘do. It’s your wedding day and your look so choose something that makes you feel beautiful!


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Photo Credit: Treebird Photography