With everything on Pinterest nowadays it can get overwhelming to try and design your florals. It can be hard to narrow down your style and what you actually want versus what you can actually afford and what is actually in season.  


First, start with inspiration. Use all different platforms like Pinterest, Bustld Real Weddings, Instagram – whatever it may be – to help you find pictures of what you like. Do the pictures show off more of a traditional style with tighter wrapped bouquets and flowers like hydrangeas and roses? Or do the pictures show off more of a boho style with unique flowers like king proteas or succulents?


Once you have that inspiration, meeting with a florist is going to help you streamline the process of zeroing in on an overall style and look, and more important matching that to your budget and the season.


Start by determining the type of flowers you love (hint, your florist can likely help you identify the flowers you love, what colors they come in and their seasonality). 


Some of the most popular wedding flowers include:

  • Rose: There are lots of varieties of this flower
  • Peony: One of the most expensive wedding flowers (sadly!)
  • Anemone: A delicate flower but great for a modern bride
  • Lilac: Smells delicious but also very delicate
  • Ranunculus: Ruffled petals that make a great accent flower
  • Hydrangea: Fluffy and large petaled flower
  • Tulips: Also have a few varieties
  • Calla Lilies: Structured option for traditional brides
  • Gardenia: Delicate flower but it smells incredible!
  • Baby’s Breath: Once thought of as a filler flower, it’s very popular for rustic weddings now
  • Succulents: Easy to maintain, this trendy flower is quickly becoming a wedding staple


Love a flower that’s out of season? Consider incorporating it in a smaller way to help reduce cost. This could include adding it to your bouquet and your soon-to-be hubby’s boutonniere. Or maybe you use it only in the centerpieces on your head table.


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Photo Credit: Verzaal's Florist & Events