Under the current stay-at-homes, many engaged couples are left navigating how to plan their wedding at home. The good news, it can be done, pretty easily, and we’re going to help you navigate through it!

1. Don’t Wait!

With everything going on, you might think you want to wait it out a little while to get started or keep moving on things. But especially if you are planning a fall 2020 or spring 2021 wedding, don’t wait! All the spring 2020 weddings that are postponing are now rescheduling and filling in all the openings that were once still available. Regardless, you can’t live in the unknown and should still keep planning and moving forward with what you hope can happen. Just pay extra close attention to postponement clauses in your contracts.

2. Virtually Tour, Shop and Meet

Many vendors have shifted to offering a virtual experience of some sorts. For venues, you can take a tour virtually, for vendors you can have virtual consultations and for bridal shops you can virtually shop. Leave it to an industry full of creatives to get, well, creative with options for couples! Just look at the silver lining, you can be just as productive with planning all from the comfort of your couch and PJs!

Shameless plug… we’ve made going virtual even easier with our new LoveStream product!

3. Remember, it’s Weird for Everyone 

It may feel weird to “meet” a potential photographer for coffee through the computer or even decide whether you like a dress without actually seeing it in person. Just remember, if you think it’s weird, your vendors probably think it’s weird, too. This is a time of a lot of unknowns and everyone is doing their best to navigate it the best way they can.

4. Keep Everyone in the Loop

Without face-to-face meetings and in-person contact, it can be easy to let vendors slip between the cracks or forget to schedule or even show up for a meeting. Now’s the time to really step up your game and stay on top of things. 

5. Make the Best of It

Like we said, this is new to everyone and it might not be ideal (although planning from the couch in PJs doesn’t sound so bad to us!) but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll all get there together so (try to!) keep a positive attitude and work together.


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