When COVID-19 struck, so many couples were faced with the decision whether to postpone, alter or cancel their wedding plans. Sarah and her fiancé Chip were one of those couples. They were set to get married in May in Charlotte but ultimately decided to postpone their wedding. So, if you are like Sarah and Chip here’s what to do when you decide to postpone your wedding.


  1. Trust your gut

Being a type A planner, Sarah had nearly everything done and ready in March before coronavirus really hit hard. For her the hardest part was actually making the decision. She had already concocted the contingency plan in her head, that wasn’t the scary part. It was knowing whether or not to make the call. Once you do make the call though, don’t look back and don’t second guess yourself. 


  1. Take comfort in others

One thing that helped Sarah move on after making the decision to postpone her wedding was the fact that so many other couples out there were facing the same thing. Not just that, but also her family and friends were super supportive and rallied around her and Chip. It was nice knowing she had others to lean on. 


  1. Decide your non-negotiables for your new date 

After you decide to postpone, one of the first steps is to pick a new date and reschedule your vendors. In order to do that, you have to decide what is most important to you. Is it keeping a Saturday wedding? Is it your photographer? Is it your venue? For Sarah and Chip, it was their venue, photographer and florist. And that meant switching to a Friday wedding on a not so glamorous date, September 11. They thought that could create tension with their guests, but in fact it was the opposite and they were met with love and support. 


  1. Move quick

With all the other couples out there trying to reschedule their wedding, availability of vendors is difficult. For Sarah and Chip, moving quickly was the key to ensuring they got all of their original vendors on board for their new date. It also made them feel more settled with their decision after plans were finalized. 


  1. Still celebrate the old date

While Sarah and Chip will still legally get married and celebrate just the two of them on their original wedding date, you don’t have to get married to celebrate the day that would have been. You can celebrate with a toast, with a special meal, a special activity – whatever it may be. Don’t mourn what it should have been, celebrate what it is going to be!

Another alternative? Broadcast your ceremony on your original date with a virtual wedding, then plan the big celebration down the road. Bustld just launched LoveStream to help you do just that. Read more here.


Listen to Sarah and Chip’s full story on the podcast this week by clicking HERE.


Photo credit {vetted} Catherine Hurt Photography