We all have a budget when it comes to planning our wedding, and sometimes hiring a florist for the florals we envision might break that budget. I absolutely love working with florists, and if it is at all possible, I 100 percent recommend hiring one! However, if a florist is out of the budget, the next thing the DIY bride thinks is "how can I do this myself?" Now comes that next big decision: real flowers or silk flowers.

As a photographer, I can tell you that nothing will shoot as beautifully on your big day as real florals and greenery; they can add so much to your photos! If you do decide to use silk, there are some great options out there who offer high-quality silk flowers and greenery. Be sure to pay attention to price though, silk flowers are not always a cheaper option!

We live in an age with Pinterest and Etsy and all kinds of other helpful DIY avenues. So before you take that 40 percent off coupon to the craft store in search of silk florals, consider some other options!

Basic greenery and baby’s breath

These can be found at almost any grocery store and Trader Joe’s always has an amazing assortment! Grab some ribbon in your colors and wrap up some simple bouquets.

Farmers market flowers

Not super picky about what kind of flowers you have on your big day? Head out to the farmer’s market two or three days before the wedding and grab some fresh local flowers to create your bouquets.

The internet

This is the number one game changer for our generation of brides. The flowers are often delivered three days before your wedding and come with everything you need to create your bouquets and centerpieces. All you need is some buckets of water for the flowers when they arrive and some gardening shears to cut the flowers. I did this for my wedding and spent less on my flowers than friends of mine who opted for silk and could not have been happier!

Dried flowers

There are many sellers on Etsy that offer dried flowers. These can be especially beautiful in the fall or winter when not many flowers are in season. This can be a unique and affordable option, just remember that dried flowers are fragile.

I have photographed weddings with each of these options and there is no right or wrong way to do your florals! It's your day, so choose the option that fits your vision and budget best.


Photo Credit: jHagan Photography