While COVID-19 is changing the wedding world as we know it (hello, virtual weddings!), one constant with weddings is that registries have remained, just with a few adjustments. Emily Forrest, the director of communications at Zola, talked to us a little bit about the current wedding registry trends we are seeing post-coronavirus.


Group Gifting

With everyone in a different financial situation these days, it might be hard for guests to purchase a full priced gift. Or all the smaller budget items are already purchased. With group giving, they can give a contribution toward a larger purchase. It’s also great for friend groups attending a wedding together who can buy something a little nicer if they all pitch in.


“So, if you do want to register for a new couch and it's like $800 you could just ask for contributions towards that couch,” said Emily.


Charitable Cash Funds

Many couples are choosing to give back with their registry.


“I definitely think that one trend we might see is people trying to register for more charitable cash funds, as well as maybe giving back to local businesses,” explained Emily. “So, maybe creating your own cash fund on Zola for a restaurant that you really love in your neighborhood.”


At-Home Experiences

Now that everyone is spending so much more time at home, it only makes sense that registries have seen a surge in at-home experiences.


“So, for example, you can register for Blue Apron. You can register for a Winc wine subscription,” Emily said.



As a result of being home all the time and the group gift option, furniture has become a hot ticket item on registries.


“I think that furniture is actually really popular now. And like I said, contributing to a group gift, I think furniture especially. So, bar carts are really popular, also,” Emily told us.


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