While Bustld co-founders, Samie and Ryan Roberts, may be used to working with each other daily, most other couples out there are navigating working alongside each other for the first time due to the COVID-19 Stay at Home orders. What may have started off as a fun idea to get to spend more time with one another, may have become a full-blown struggle at this point. Luckily, Samie and Ryan have shared some of their top tips for working with a significant other.


  1. Be Empathetic

Remember that everyone has a different job and works with a different approach, a different pace, different organization, different everything really. You need to be okay with that and not judge your partner for that. They are doing everything they can the best way they know how to. Not everyone does things in the same way. Having a level of empathy makes everything better.


  1. Respect Space

It’s quite possible that this is the first time you are working together, let alone working at home. It’s also quite possible that your house or apartment isn’t exactly built for working from home. If you don’t have a home office or spare bedroom, let alone two spare spaces, that’s okay. But what you do need to find a spot you can designate as a workspace. Keep it clean and keep it to work only, if at all possible. Especially if you are sharing the space, be mindful of that and keep your spot of that space clean.


Tip: Get a good set of noise cancelling headphones if you are sharing space!


  1. Keep a Schedule

When you are in an office, it’s easy to stick to a schedule, but at home it’s much more difficult. Make it a point to stick to a schedule and try to follow your old schedule as much as possible; it will help keep things feeling somewhat normal. If you used to work in the office 9 to 5, keep your work hours from 9 to 5. If you used to work out in the morning, work out from home in the morning. Keep it as consistent as possible, but also make time to accommodate your new work from home partner. It might be nice to be on the same schedule for once. Sync up your lunch breaks and enjoy lunch together or take some time during the day for a much-needed breath of fresh air together.


Tip: Set daily work goals for yourself to stay on track for the day so you don’t get distracted with home things, like laundry and cleaning.


  1. Set Boundaries

One of the biggest struggles of working with a partner, let alone working at home with a partner, is separating home and work life. Make sure you set boundaries. Keep work hours to work hours and personal time to personal time. Sticking to your schedule will help with that.


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