Frozen cake doesn’t exactly sound like the most appetizing of wedding cake options. But, when frozen right, your cake can actually taste almost as fresh as it did on wedding day. Plus, it’s really more about the sentiment isn’t it? So, here’s how to freeze your cake’s top tier to get the best tasting cake possible on your anniversary.


Set Expectations

No matter how well you follow our directions, your frozen cake is not going to taste exactly as it did on your wedding day. Understanding that now will lead to a whole lot less disappointment when you take that first bite.


Remove Any Toppers

If you have a stick-in topper or fresh flowers, be sure to remove them before beginning the freezing process. These things are not meant to be frozen, obviously!


Pre-Freeze Before Freezing

This is really key. Before you go to set and forget your cake for the next year, you’ll want to actually stick it in the freezer, unwrapped for 2-3 hours to let it set. This will allow the icing to harden and let you wrap it up tightly without smushing everything.


Don’t Use Foil

Another important note. Foil can cause freezer burn, so use plastic wrap and a lot of it. Wrap the cake several times in plastic wrap to create a thick, protective layer.


Wrap the Box, Too

Once you’ve got a thick layer of plastic wrap around that bad boy, put it inside of the cake box your baker provided you or another box or container you have. Then, wrap the box in plastic wrap, too. It’s all about added protection!


Leave Time to Thaw

We know it might be hard to remember, but your cake may take anywhere from 24-72 hours to defrost. If you absolutely must have your cake on your anniversary, make sure you take it out of the freezer at least a day, if not two, ahead of time to give it time to thaw.


Or Don’t Freeze at All

The alternative is to just forego any top tier freezing. You can ask your baker if they’ll comp or discount a small cake on your actual anniversary or pick up a different sweet for you and your spouse to enjoy, instead!


Photo credit: Salvador Robles Photography