With so many spring and summer weddings pushing back their wedding date into an already busy fall or spring 2021 wedding season, most Saturdays are already booked, and couples are having to consider an alternative day of the week. Enter – Friday Weddings.



  1. You’ll have all weekend long to recover and extra time to spend with your out-of-town guests
  2. There will likely be more wedding vendors available when you look outside of Saturday
  3. It’s possible you’ll see lower costs from vendors if you aren’t booking a Saturday, especially when it comes to wedding venues



  1. It’s a workday, so you and your guests will have to take off
  2. If you are getting married in a place you don’t live or have a lot of out-of-town guests that will need to travel, that can means taking at least two days off work
  3. You could run into rush hour traffic if you are traveling between locations on wedding day


A Friday wedding doesn’t differ much from a regular wedding, unless your venue houses businesses or you are traveling between a ceremony and reception locations. If your venue hosts business in its building, you may have restrictions on start time, so be sure to check if a Friday will affect your wedding day timeline. If you have a separate ceremony and reception location, consider extra time for travel if it’s during rush hour. And remember, a Friday wedding means a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Thursday.


During planning, check with your wedding vendors to see if they have a special Friday rate. And as soon as you make the decision to have a Friday wedding, let your guests know so they can plan their travel and work schedules accordingly.


Lastly, be sure to take advantage of the extra days over the weekend and plan additional events to spend time with your wedding party and out-of-town guests. Go to a local brewery or winery, plan a BBQ at your house or even set up a Saturday spa day for the perfect hangover cure. Afterall, what good is a Friday wedding if you don’t turn it into a whole weekend festivity!

Photo courtesy of [vetted] Something Perfect

Photo credit Piper Warlick Photogrraphy