One gift that doesn’t go on your registry is a gift to your spouse. Is it a requirement? No, but it is a nice gesture to show one another that you are thinking of them on the morning of the wedding! 


Surprise your bride-to-be with one of these great gift ideas. 



The easy, go-to option for a wedding day gift would be a piece of jewelry. Assuming you don’t know what the bride’s wedding dress looks like, ask the bride’s maid of honor or mother what kind of accessory would go best with her look – like a bracelet, earrings or a necklace. That way they will be able to wear it on wedding day!


Customized Shoes

Steal your bride’s shoes while she’s not looking and write a sweet message on the bottom of them. Or even consider getting her a second pair to change into for the reception and customize them with her new last name!


Handwritten Note

If you are on a tighter budget, that is totally okay. A handwritten note will do the trick! It’s really all in the thought and presentation!



Choose a new signature scent for your bride that when she smells she will forever be reminded of her favorite day.  


Creative Art

Gentleman, there’s this little thing called Etsy and it will be your best friend when trying to find a creative gift. If you have had a long distance relationship, look for a piece of art that ties together all of the important cities. Or look for something that ties together all the important days in your relationship, like your first date and your first kiss. 


New Last Name

Really, anything that has what will be her new last name is a solid gift. From coffee mugs and tote bags to sports jerseys and wall décor, there are a lot of options to showcase her new name (or monogram for our Southern brides!).


Surprise Honeymoon Excursion

If you have a honeymoon planned, surprise her with an excursion or side trip that she may or may not be hinting she wants to do. Maybe that’s a boat cruise, maybe it’s a cooking class, but it is your honeymoon so you know you’ll be having fun!


Jewelry Box

Now that she’s adding a wedding band to her ring collection, give her something to house all of her recently acquired rings! 


Photo Credit: Rob + Kristen Photography