One gift that doesn’t go on your registry is a gift to your spouse. Is it a requirement? No, but it is a nice gesture to show one another that you are thinking of them on the morning of the wedding! 


Surprise your groom to be with one of these great gift ideas. 



One of the more popular gifts for him on wedding day is a watch. Whether it be the expensive brand name one he has been eyeing for weeks, or just a nicer one you picked out, it is a good go to gift idea. Make it even sweeter with your date engraved into it and add a note that says, “See you at 4 p.m.” – or whatever time your ceremony is!


Customized Shoes and/or Tie

Steal your groom’s shoes while he’s not looking and write a sweet message on the bottom of them. Or grab his tie and sew a piece of your dress (ask the seamstress who did your alterations to save a piece!) into the back of it.



Surprise your man with shiny new cufflinks to wear on wedding day. You can even personalize them with his initials, the wedding day or his favorite sports team. 


Boudoir Shoot

Ladies, if there ever was a time to dress up for a photo shoot, this is it! Schedule a boudoir photo shoot ahead of wedding day and turn the photos into a “for his eyes only” album. 


Wedding Socks

Get him a pair of fun socks in your wedding colors or in his favorite sports team or favorite super hero to keep him from “getting cold feet!”


Surprise Honeymoon Excursion

If you have a honeymoon planned, surprise him with an excursion or side trip that he may or may not be hinting he wants to do. Maybe that’s a boat cruise, maybe it’s a cooking class but it’ll be your honeymoon, so you know you’ll be having fun!


Handwritten Note

If you are on a much tighter budget, that is totally okay. A handwritten note will do the trick; it’s really all in the thought and presentation!


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Photo Credit: Victoria Grace Photography