Most of the time, your parents are a huge contributor to your wedding day. Whether that be financially or not, they still play an important role in your wedding and most likely in your life, for that matter. Show them some love with a little token of appreciation that says thank you for all they have done with one of these gift ideas.  



Chances of your parents crying on wedding day are high, so be proactive and get them something to wipe those tears with! If you personalize it with a note stitched in, they might shed a tear right then and there.



If you get your groomsmen a tie or socks, don’t leave the dads hanging. Make them feel included and get them matching gifts with everyone else.



Your moms are probably looking for the perfect accessory to carry their tissues and lipstick in on wedding day anyways, so gift them a clutch to match their dresses.


Picture Frame

Engrave a fancy picture frame and include a picture you all took together on wedding day. Pictures never go out of style!


Wedding Album

Go a step further and print them a whole custom wedding album just for parents. Include all their favorite family pictures and moments from the day. Most parents we know love a good coffee table picture book.



For moms, buy her a pair of earrings or necklace she can wear on wedding day that goes with her dress. For dads, get a pair of fancy cufflinks or a tie clip to jazz up his attire for the big day. 


Nice Dinner

When all is said and done, treat your parents to a nice dinner. Whether that means taking them for a night on the town at their favorite restaurant or hosting them for a home cooked meal; they are sure to appreciate the thought and time they get to spend with you.


Handwritten Letter

Really, you should include this with any gift you give but if you are really tight on budget, your parents are sure to appreciate a handwritten note at the very least. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!


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Photo Credit: Adornment Photo