You’ve already thought through the wedding cake– what flavors it will be, what it will look like, where it will go. But have you considered whether you will be getting a groom’s cake? Not sure what that is or why you should think about having one? We’ll tell you!



It is said that this once Victorian tradition made its way to the United States where the South grabbed ahold of it. Now, a groom’s cake is a bride’s gift to the groom. If they can, it is often kept from the groom to surprise him as a way to make him feel even more special on wedding day. 


A groom’s cake is either displayed and served at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception itself. It’s really dependent on who the couple wants to share this special cake with. It used to be most common at the rehearsal dinner because that is the time the groom’s family takes charge, but lately we have seen both options equally!


So, you’ve got this super cool cake planned, make sure you display it accordingly! Don’t hide the cake, make sure you plan for it to have its moment. If you are already having a multi-tiered cake that is likely going to take up a whole table to itself, ask for another small table or put them both on a bigger table.


It is meant to honor him in both the design and the flavor. Usually it’s one of his favorite cake flavors and incorporates some of his hobbies and likes into the design. Think cake in the shape of a golf bag or football stadium. It’s nice to give the groom a little bit of the spotlight during a time when the focus is mainly on the bride! Is your groom not a cake lover but you still want to honor him with the tradition? Get his favorite dessert, like a cheesecake or a pie, as an alternative!


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Photo: Sunshower Photography