Your wedding guest list is the single biggest contributor to your wedding budget. While this may be an obvious fact, it’s not something that’s fun to think about. After all, you want everyone you love to be there to celebrate your momentous day! But if you don’t have an unlimited budget (and who does!), then you may need to make some cuts. We’ve got some pro tips on handling some difficult guest situations like, well, a pro!


I want to invite my friend I haven’t seen since elementary school.

When was the last time you talked to them? Been more than five years? Have they met your significant other? If it’s been a while, they should probably not make the cut.


One side of the family has a lot more invites than the other.

Think about dividing your guest list into thirds, with one third to each family and one third for the couple. If you have a divorce situation, cut their third in half so everyone has an equal contribution to the overall guest list. Still getting push back? Have the conversation and let them know if you accommodate additional invites what the cost will be. Will they help to cover that expense?


You were invited to a friend’s wedding but you don’t talk to them anymore. 

You might feel guilty but you don’t have to invite them! Ask yourself if you’ve talked to them in the past year, have they met your significant other, do you see them in your future? If the answer is no, they can most likely be taken off the guest list.



I have a bunch of co-workers who want to come to my wedding.

If you are super close with your co-workers, extend the invite! But if you don’t hang out after work and you are tight on the guest list, they might be some of the first to go. Keep wedding talk to a minimum at work so nobody gets their feelings hurt!


I can’t stand my maid of honor’s plus one.

It’s a terrible place to be in but you love your maid of honor (or any other guest on the list!) so you want to make them happy. Extend the invite to their plus one (assuming it meets all the criteria!) and try to avoid that guest as much as possible come wedding day.


Someone RSVP’d with a guest… but they don’t have one.

If someone writes in a plus one, it's a question of how uncomfortable you want to be. If you have a tight space or tight budget and you simply can’t allot space for the plus one, call them and let them know you only have one chair reserved for them. Or you can just let it go (and talk about it for years to come!).


Someone is bringing their kids, to your kids-free wedding.

Can we just say, ugh! Unless there is a special reason (i.e. your best friend JUST had a baby or the babysitter didn’t show up), this shouldn’t happen. But if it does on wedding day, we suggest just rolling with it – there isn’t much you can do at this point! If it happens during the RSVP stage, give them a call and let them know unfortunately you are planning an adults-only affair and hope they will still attend. Bonus points if you can recommend a sitter or two to make their lives easier!


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Photo Credit: The Bradford