Now that you know you can have any style wedding in a hotel ballroom, the convenience factor is another easy choice. 


Kim Werner, Senior Catering Sales Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte said it best when she said couples planning their wedding at a hotel ballroom can press the “easy” button. 


“So, with a hotel, we're going to go ahead and press the ‘easy’ button. We have all of your equipment, all of your staffing and all of your catering right there.”


As far as equipment goes, most hotels will have in-house offerings you can choose from included in your overall price. This eliminates any need to go through an outside rental company and have to worry about exactly how many linens you need in what size and how many salad forks or dinner forks you need.


On top of equipment, they also have staff members for all your needs. Trained and professional staff, we might add. You’ll have qualified people you can trust to set your tables, bartend and execute the event. 


“This is truly the best part of a hotel wedding, truly,” explained Kim. “We have all of the tables, linens, chairs, staging, dance floor, glassware, flatware, china, and it's not only equipment, we also have all of your staffing. So, we're going to have all of your banquet staff, your bartenders, your banquet captains, your event managers, all right there on-site.”


Equipment aside, hotel’s also have in-house catering. You may think this means hotel quality, unexciting food, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most hotels with an event ballroom will have the experience and culinary expertise to customize any menu and wow your guests with a five-star meal. Not to mention, with there being a kitchen on-site, hotels are usually able to accommodate any last minute requests or forgotten dietary restrictions.


On top of all of that, the pure ease of travel. It’s common that if you have a hotel ballroom wedding, you stay at that hotel. So, in theory, you spend the morning getting ready there and literally take an elevator ride down to the wedding. No traffic to worry about, no wrinkling your dress in a car to worry about, no weather to worry about. It’s just that easy. Same can be said for your guests. 


Also, if you plan to have any other wedding weekend events, like a farewell brunch, the hotel is a great location for that. Change up the location inside the hotel for a totally different look. And your travel to all these events would be very minimal making it, well, easy. 


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About this Week's Guest: Kim Werner, CPCE, is the Senior Catering Sales Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte. She has been transforming ballroom spaces with Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company for more than 16 years, 10 of which have been at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte. She is also the former president of Charlotte NACE. 

Photo Credit: Cheyenne Schultz Photography