While the holiday season is not always the most popular time of the year for weddings, it is certainly the most festive! There are a few different ways you can incorporate the holidays into your wedding. Whether you go all out with pumpkins and skeletons for Halloween, Christmas trees and red bows for Christmas or subtle with white and sparkles for a winter feel in general, the choice is yours!


Your color palette can set the tone for your seasonally centered wedding. For both the fall and winter holiday season, colors are typically darker and cooler toned. For something around Halloween or Thanksgiving, deep red and oranges tones with a burnt look would be perfect.

That same deep red, like burgundy and maroon, flows into the winter holiday season, where more jeweled tones, like navy and emerald ,can come into play. Alternatively, you could forget the deep tones and go totally winter wonderland with an all-white color palette or even a pop of icy blue and silver.


Beginning in the fall, you can incorporate the more fall feeling accents, like pumpkins and leaves. You can either accent the room with them, like on the gifts and guest book table and at the door where guests walk in, or you can use them in a more prevalent way with centerpieces and place cards. Use florals in fall colors for centerpieces and your ceremony arbor. For Halloween, you can add tasteful accents so there’s no confusion of whether it is a Halloween party or wedding. Think props for your photobooth or a Halloween candy display.

For a winter holiday themed wedding, it would depend on whether you wanted to go Christmas specific or just winter in general. For Christmas specific, obviously there would need to be Christmas trees and seasonal florals, like poinsettias and holly. Create a focal point in the room and then accent accordingly, no need to go overboard with a tree on every table! For a winter themed wedding, accent with snowflakes scattered around on an accent table or snow for a sendoff.

You can decide to go all in or add subtle hints of the holiday spirit with certain décor. Just remember, it’s your wedding, not a holiday party and you’ll want to look back on these pictures for years to come and still love everything about them.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Wild in Love 


Keep your food and drink options seasonally inspired. For fall, think flavors like pumpkin spice and butternut squash and classics like pecan pie. Ask your caterers what kind of fall or winter inspired options they can come up with. You can even create a signature cocktail with apple cider in it for the fall or cranberry for the winter.


With both fall and winter season being colder, add some cold weather accessories to your look to play up the holiday season. Instead of matching robes, get matching flannels to get ready in. Think scarves and wraps or even a fur stole for your wedding day look. If a Halloween wedding is your jam, we aren’t suggesting you dress in costume the whole day, but an outfit change later in the reception might be a fun idea! For your guests, consider gifting them pashminas to stay warm all night.

Photo Credit [vetted] Three Region Photography

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Folie a Deux, and Traine

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