You only go on your honeymoon once, so you should make the most of it! Not only does that mean being prepared, but of course it means dropping all the “we’re honeymooning” hints for any and all upgrades!

Packing Tips

  • If you are leaving right after the wedding, pack before the weekend and put someone in charge of getting your suitcase to your hotel room.
  • Check the weather the day before your wedding and update your packed wardrobe accordingly.
  • If you are doing sightseeing or any specific activities, make sure you have proper shoe wear.
  • Know what kind of power outlet your destination uses and don’t forget an adapter, if you need it.

Upgrading Tips

  • If you are working with a travel agent, let them know it’s your honeymoon first and foremost.
  • On any reservations you make yourself, mention it’s your honeymoon in the notes section.
  • At resorts and hotels, look for specific honeymoon packages.
  • When you arrive, don’t be shy in mentioning you are on your honeymoon! 

Traveling Tips

  • If you are traveling internationally, exchange your money ahead of time.
  • Don’t jump the gun on using your new last name to book anything. All reservations should match the name on your ID/passport.
  • Pack some essentials in a carry-on bag, like an extra set of clothes and some toiletries (just in case!).
  • Overnight overseas flights can be long and boring so make sure your iPad is loaded up with plenty of books and movies.

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Photo: Vanessa Ray Photography