At some point during wedding planning, transportation will probably (hopefully!) get discussed. After all, it’s part of the wedding planning puzzle. Are you providing guest transportation? How are you getting to the ceremony and/or reception venue? What about the bridal party? One question couples often forget to answer is transportation for themselves at the end of the night. 


If you are going back to the same hotel as all of your guests, it may be as simple as making sure there is space for the two of you on the buses you have for your guests. If you are going to a different location or not providing guest transportation, then you should schedule alternative transportation for the two of you. 


Even if you aren’t going to a different location, having your own car for the two of you gives you a little bit of quiet time after what was probably a really hectic day filled with lots of people and little alone time. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you have a ride outside in the parking lot waiting for you and there won’t be a mad scramble to order an Uber or worry about fitting in the back of a small sedan with your dress on. 


Not to mention, if you have your own means of transportation that arrives ahead of your departure time, you will have a few minutes where you can load the car up with whatever you need. This means, after your exit you can walk straight into your car and leave, without having to worry about either running back inside to get your stuff or walking through your exit holding your bags that are now going to be in every single picture.


Have some fun with it and plan for something unique like a pedicab or a really fancy vintage car. There are so many fun transportation options, but as long as you have thought about something to get you home at the end of the night, it’s one more thing to check off your list!


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