Simply put, a virtual wedding works just like a traditional wedding… with a few more cameras involved! The best part is: it allows just about anyone, anywhere, to be with you (virtually, of course!). This way, everyone you want at your wedding can be there, no matter the circumstances.


While a virtual wedding day still works, looks and feels the same, there is definitely some additional tech involved. Which is why, you should always rely on a professional to help make your wedding virtual. With LoveStream, virtual weddings by Bustld, you have a virtual wedding tech pro and a wedding expert to help you every step of the way.


So, back to the question. How does a virtual wedding work?


With the Right Equipment

Once you’ve decided to have a virtual wedding (hopefully with LoveStream!), you’ll plan the rest of your wedding as you normally would. The extra step you’ll want to take is to work with your virtual wedding provider to make sure you have the right equipment for streaming.


With a Rehearsal

As you would with a non-virtual wedding, you’ll have a rehearsal. Only, this rehearsal will also be a rehearsal for the virtual side of things. This will make sure your camera angles are all set with a good view, that the audio quality is good for any music you are playing and that your connection is good.


With a Link for Guests

Before wedding day, you’ll send out a link to all your guests that they will simply click on before the ceremony is set to begin. With LoveStream, guests will be able to view photos of you and sign a virtual guest book while they wait for the celebration to begin.


With a Normal Timeline

The rest of wedding day will all be the same. You’ll still plan getting ready time, a first look if you want to do one, photos and your ceremony. A virtual wedding has no effect on the timeline for wedding day.


With Tech Support

With LoveStream, you’ll have a virtual wedding tech there to run you through an equipment check, run rehearsal and execute wedding day. Trust us, you don’t want to have to do any of that yourself!


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Photo credit [vetted] Tiffany McClure Photography