Taking care of your guests should be a big priority for your wedding day. After all, you are the host for one incredible party. So one important item to remember on your wedding day checklist is to block hotel rooms.

The first thing to consider: location. It’s always helpful to have the majority of your guests staying close to the reception location. However, you may also want to choose another hotel option that’s in the city center for your younger crowd who may want to keep the party going after the reception ends. If you are offering transportation, that also opens up your possibilities

The second thing to consider: price. Not all of our guests will have the same budget for your wedding day. Consider blocking at two to three hotels at differing price points so guests have a selection to choose from.  

The third thing to consider: points. If you know your guests are big Marriott or SPG members, make sure to block at least one hotel in these chains. While they may opt to use points, it’s super helpful to have all your guests in the same location for dropping off welcome bags, arranging transportation, etc.

When you go to finalize the contracts, make sure to get all the details from your sales representative on what the contract entails. If it’s a courtesy room block, the rooms will be released about one month prior to your wedding. If it’s a guaranteed room block, you will be financially responsible for a percentage of the rooms you book. Make sure you feel comfortable with filling the rooms or you might be hit with a steep bill come wedding day.

Feeling overwhelmed? A wedding planner can handle this for you quickly and easily (they are pros after all!). 


Photo Courtesy of Jessi Paige Photography