A lot of different pieces fit into the puzzle that is the beauty timeline on wedding day. Many factors – like how many services are being done, how long each service takes and where you are getting ready – all play a part in how to build the timeline. So, let’s take it step by step!


First, get a headcount.

It’s important to have an idea of how many bridesmaids, moms and maybe even grandmas or aunts would want to have their hair or makeup done. This will help determine how many people need to fit into the schedule. 


Second, know your “need to finish by” time.

This would be the time that hair and makeup, including touch ups, need to be completed by. This is the time where everyone needs to start getting dressed and be ready for pictures or to head to the venue


Next, decide where to get ready.

Where you are getting ready affects the timeline because you need to determine whether you need to allow for travel time to a salon or not as well as determine travel time from your getting ready location to your picture location or venue.


Then,ask your artist how long they need per service.

Some artists need a half hour per service, some need 45 minutes, and most of the time they need at least an hour per service for the bride. 


Lastly, build and work backwards!

Work from the touch up time and last service up to the first service. This will give what time you need to start at! If that seems way too early for you, ask your artist about adding additional artists to speed things along. 


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Photo Credit: The Nixons Photography