Just when you thought you checked off the last item of your wedding planning checklist, there’s a few “after wedding” things left to accomplish. Next to writing thank you’s, cleaning your dress and preserving your flowers is changing your last name, if you plan to. If that’s on your list, we’re here to help walk you through the process!


  1. Will you use a service?

If the thought of changing your last name is already stressing you out, there are services out there that will help you through the process. So, the first step is decided whether or not to use a service. If you plan to use a name changing service, you can skip ahead to our next planning article!


  1. Get your certified marriage license

If you don’t plan to use a service to help change your name, then the next step in the process is to make sure you have your certified back. This usually take 10+ days once the license has been filed.


  1. File with social security

Once you have your license, you can either visit a social security office in person or file the change by mail. You can find the application online, as well as any documentation you will need, including proof of marriage (AKA your marriage license).


  1. Change it with the DMV

While you don’t need to wait until you have a new social security card to get a new license, you will need your certified copy of your marriage license. So, either make sure you get multiple copies of your license (which is always a good idea!) or you will need to wait until the social security office mails it back (unless you went in person).


  1. Don’t forget your passport

Again, all you need is the right forms and your certified marriage license to begin this process. This change will cost you, so if you don’t change this immediately and plan to travel internationally, just make sure the name you book your flight under matches your passport!


  1. Then, all of the other things!

You likely won’t be able to begin the process of changing your name anywhere else until you’ve gotten either a new social security card or driver’s license. So, once you get those things changed, you can move onto changing everything else like your bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, mortgage/utilities or car registration. And unofficial changes like your work email or personal email address can be done whenever!


Photo credit: Mallori Ma Photography