When you mail out your invitations, you should include a RSVP card because how else are guests going to respond with their reply? With wedding RSVPs it’s not as simple as a yes or no, there are other details you need to request. Better to get them upfront than have to follow up with all your guests after the fact for them. Here’s how to put together the perfect RSVP card. 

Reply By Date

At the top of the reply card should be a “please reply by” date. The date is chosen strategically about a month out based on when some of your final numbers are due. Check your number dependent vendors, like cateringand florist (number of tables needing centerpieces may change), and see when those contracts request final numbers. Also, a Friday is the best day for the due date, so you have the weekend to follow up with any stragglers. 

Name Line

Underneath the reply by date should be a line where guests can write in their names, so you know exactly who is attending. Traditionally, an “M” will come before the line, indicating where guests should fill in “Mr.” “Ms.” or “Mrs.” and the rest of their name. 


After the name line will come the actual response. There should be an option where guests can mark they are either accepting or declining the invitation. It is helpful if you have “number of guests attending” and a line after the response so guests can clarify how many people are in their party.

If you are worried about guests being confused whether they are invited with a plus one or if their kids of invited, you can take out the guesswork by include a “__ of __ attending” line and fill in the second __ with the number of people in their party that are invited. 

Meal Choice

If you are doing a plated meal where guests have an option to choose what they want to eat, you will need to include that on your RSVP card. Underneath the response lines, you can list the meal options so guests can mark their choice. Include instructions for guests to initial meal choices so that you can tell your caterer exactly who gets what to help make dinner service a little smoother. 

Number the Cards

Save yourself a major headache and number all your RSVP cards to correspond with your guest list. This way, if any RSVP cards come back blank – which will happen believe it or not – you will know exactly who it is. It also makes tracking much quicker looking for a number in order rather than by a name. 


Last but not least, have some fun with your RSVP card. Sure, it’s not the most fun thing about your wedding but it doesn’t mean you can’t add a special touch to it. Customize the response lines; rather than the simple “accepts” and “declines” spice it up with something fun like “ready to dance!” and “sorry to miss the fun.” 

You can also include a line at the very bottom or on the back for guests to make a song request. Then at the wedding, when they hear that song they will feel special and you might even get a few more people out on the dance floor if they hear their specific song!

Photo Shannyn Dare Photography