Party of Two Photography sat down and shared their top tips for how to dress for your engagement photos:

If you’re worried about what to wear for your engagement photo shoot, you are not alone. As you get ready to say "I do", here are some "DO's" from a photographer’s perspective for what a bride-to-be should consider when choosing an outfit.

DO: Plan ahead and lay out a few outfit options in advance. You don’t want to be racing against the clock and risk a “I hate all my clothes” meltdown. 

DO: Wear something that makes you feel beautiful!  Any discomfort or insecurity that you feel during the shoot may be captured in your facial expressions and through your body language, so make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit.

DO: Wear something that will show off your silhouette. A fitted waist and/or slimming jeans tend to look the most flattering in photos.

DO: Choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow. This can make your arms look longer and slimmer.

DO: Bring options to change into later in the shoot. Maybe you start to feel uncomfortable, maybe you change scenes, or maybe you just want a variety of “looks”. Keep a few interchangeable items in the car to throw on that don’t require a full changing room to use.

DO: Align the formality of your outfits to the ambiance of the location. Stilettos and an LBD in a rustic scene might be a little out of place.

DO: Choose a color palette of 1-3 colors that ties your outfits together. For example, she wears a pink dress and he wears a blue shirt that has some smaller pink stripes in the pattern.

DO: Mix neutrals with colors. Just be sure that the colors are not so bright that they draw the focus of the photo away from your faces. No neon!

DO: Include patterns or textures if you’d like! Just make sure there is a balance between patterns and solids.

DO: Be careful not to wear anything with a very tight pattern. Larger stripes and plaids can look nice, but smaller, tighter patterns can cause a Moiré pattern… and it isn’t pretty!

DO: Wear layers and accessories. This adds texture and interest to your outfit that can take an engagement photo from good to great!

DO: Wear comfortable shoes. Depending on the location of your shoot, you may be walking quite a bit to get a variety of scenes.

DO: Your hair and makeup similarly to the way you normally do. You want to look like you!

DO: Ask your photographer for opinions or suggestions. Most will be happy to address concerns and help you add the final touches to your outfits. They care about how you look in the photos as much as you do!

If you don’t follow every tip above, that’s ok too. You may not have the perfect items in your closet that meet all criteria of being comfortable, being slimming, and following a color scheme. Bottom line: Just do your best to feel good in what you wear because nothing is sexier than confidence! 


*Photo by Party of Two Photography