Sometimes wedding planning can come with sticker shock. Suddenly you realize your wedding budget might not stretch as far as you initially thought. That’s why it’s important to find wedding vendors to fit your budget. But how?


First, prioritize.

You must first go through your priorities, so you know what’s going to be most important to you. It will help you divvy up your budget according to your specific wedding and wishes, not according to the budget you found online. Is it more important to have high quality photos or more important to have a wedding band for the reception?


Then, allocate.

Once you’ve decided what’s most important to, that’s going to be where you want to put large parts of your overall wedding budget. Of course there are going to be places you have to spend a certain amount of your budget no matter its importance – like catering; you have to have food! If photos are most important to you, you should budget an above average amount for your wedding photographer. This will help you understand about how much you should be spending on each vendor.


Stay realistic.

Like we just said, there are going to be things you should expect to spend a certain amount on, no matter it’s importance to you. Be realistic in the fact that you have to have food and that has a certain starting price point per person. Also, be realistic in the fact that there are minimums you should expect to spend. While averages vary from city to city, let’s say for example the average wedding photographer cost in your city is $4,000. It’s not realistic to budget only $2,000 thinking you can “find a good deal”. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works.


Consult potentials.

Now that you’ve got a realistic idea of what you can spend on each vendor, start reaching out. You’ll want to do some research first. Some wedding vendors will list starting prices on their website to give you an idea. If they don’t, reach out to ask.

Tip: If you already know your budget might be under the average, try looking for newer vendors who are just starting out.


Compare proposals.

After you find a few solid choices you like in your price range, ask for a proposal from at least two options so you can compare.


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Photo credit [vetted]: Amia Marcell Photography