You’ve found the venue of your dreams, now you just need to create a vision for exactly how your day will look there. You might not realize it, but not every venue has a standard floor plan and it’s actually something that differs from event to event. Didn’t expect to have to create your own floor plan and have no idea where to start? As usual, we’ve got your back! Here’s how to get started.

First things first, figure out who is in charge of the floor plan. Sometimes, your venue will assist you, sometimes the caterer will assist you if they exclusive at the venue or if you have a planner, they will definitely assist you. If all else fails, we’re going to equip you to be able to do it yourself!

Hopefully, your venue or the exclusive caterer will already have a to scale diagram of the space you can use. Start by asking them if that exists. Otherwise, be prepared to use a good old fashioned tape measure and measure out the space!

Once you’ve got a realistic diagram, there are a few things you should know in order to draft your floor plan.

1. Guest Count

You’ll need to know approximately how many seats you will need for your guests, leading to how many tables need to fit into your floor plan. It’s always best to overestimate and make room for 100 percent of your guest list, even though, on average, only about 80 percent of those people will RSVP “yes.” It’s easier to remove tables in the end than it is to add tables. Not to mention, removing tables will reduce your costs. The last thing you want near the end of planning is to be adding costs!

2. Entertainment 

Whether you have a band or DJ will affect your floor plan, as well. A band is a much larger footprint and will take more space so it is helpful to know that ahead of time so you can plan for it and not try to squeeze it in later. Also, if you plan to have a photo booth, that also usually takes up a good size footprint (typically 10x10), so it’s nice to plan for that from the beginning.

3. Seating Options

Whether you plan to have a king’s table or a sweetheart table and whether you plan to use rounds, rectangles or squares for tables will also affect your floor plan. You’ll want to ask the venue if they have any tables included in their rental so you know what you have available to use, since that may affect your decision. 

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