We've all heard it before and weddings have become no exception, "Do it for the 'Gram!"  Everyone's looking for that picture-perfect moment to capture, to share on Instagram. So, how can you make your wedding one of those moments? On this week’s podcast episode we talk all about how to make your wedding Instagram worthy.

Q: What are people looking for to be considered Instagram worthy?

A: It's really anything you haven't seen before. So, something that hasn't been done at every wedding you've already been to. Something that's really unique, something that people are going to remember and want to emulate themselves for their wedding next time around.

Q: What are some examples?

A: For the ceremony, one really cool thing that we're seeing a lot of right now is the way that people are sitting. I know you've been talking to a few people that are doing in the round or people are definitely getting creative with it right now with COVID and restrictions and things like that, but I think you can do really cool things during the ceremony with seating and with the backdrop. Something that became really popular was that octagon-shaped backdrop; I feel like that's kind of picking up now. During cocktail hour, my personal favorite is the champagne wall which you can really customize and do a lot of really cool things with. Tap walls are becoming popular. You could do all different kinds of things on tap. Of course beer, but you could do a signature cocktail on tap. Specialty place cards are becoming popular. With the little name tags on little mini bottles of champagne or a flower pot, or hand sanitizer, again, in the times. For the reception, neon signs are becoming the new Instagram worthy thing. And flower backdrops are always going to be cool.

Q: Where can couples get ideas?

A: Of course, you could look at Instagram. You can look at Pinterest but, again, if you're trying to do something really unique, it's best to look outside of traditional weddings. So, movies like Crazy Rich Asians, where there's a lot of inspiration. Movies, tv shows, different things like that where you're seeing things that are unique. You can even look at fashion shows or different things like that where you can kind of pull inspiration that maybe hasn't been done yet. And, of course, a planner is a great place to kind of pull that inspiration too.

Q: Can you have an Instagram worthy wedding on a budget?

A: You can definitely do more with more money, of course, but if you're on a budget, I think the best thing to do is put your money into one really Instagram worthy piece. So, really cool place cards that everyone is going to be talking about. It can be done, it's just you have to pick and choose. It might not be your whole wedding, overall. With micro-weddings, it makes it a little bit easier because your budget goes further.

Q: What's the biggest bang for your buck on a budget?

A: A signature cocktail, so maybe a champagne wall or a tap wall, or something like that where you put a little more money into it but that is your signature piece. Even with a signature cocktail, having a cool glass can make a big difference. It's an investment because it's going to more than what is included in your traditional budget. But it's a small investment. Your send-off. Place cards could be another easy place. You could even make it so your place card is also a favor like with the mini-champagne or the hand sanitizer. I think there's different ways like that you can spend a little more and make a big impact on one place.

Q: What's the best thing that you've seen?

A: I love the neon signs, I feel like that's really different. We just did a wedding that had the big letters that were their name that they did their first dance in front of. Champagne walls, champagne walls that have the neon sign on it. It's the best of both worlds.

Q: What's the benefit of having an Instagram worthy wedding?

A: People talk about it. People are going to be like oh, I want this that I saw at my friend's wedding, which is the whole point of social media, right? And your pictures will be more likely to get published in publications. It's more likely that your pictures become something that's being pinned a lot. So you get all that press-worthiness with your wedding.

Q: What are your tips for throwing an Instagram worthy wedding?

A: Choose a wedding hashtag if you're planning to really promote this and you want it to be all over Instagram. Ask your guests to use that hashtag with all of your pictures and ask your vendors as well. You have to have good pictures in order to have a good Instagram worthy wedding, for sure. You probably want to have a planner who can help you design these things and execute these things on the big day. And then, after the wedding, you'll have that photographer and planner who can also submit the wedding for you to publications.


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Photo credit: Mandy Liz Photography