It’s not going to be fun, but it’s necessary to have the budget talk before any major wedding planning gets underway. In fact, you really shouldn’t do any wedding planning until you have the budget talk. Talk to all families involved before moving forward. Not sure how? Here’s some advice to get you started. 

Discuss yourselves

Before you do anything, you and your fiancé should talk just the two of you first. You two need to be on the same page before you bring in the rest of your families. Get on the same page about what kind of wedding you want. You don’t need to discuss every little detail, but big pictures things that will have an impact on costs. Things like size, style, location and even things like food service and band vs. DJ would be ideal to discuss since they play a role in the budget. 

Once the two of you have agreed on what you are hoping for, move onto financials. Will you be asking both families for contributions? Will you all plan to contribute anything? What if neither family can contribute? Plan for all scenarios!

Schedule a time

Now that you and your fiancé have talked, schedule a time to talk to your families. Don’t just plan to have the conversation on a whim, you don’t want to catch anyone off guard. When the time comes, here’s how you can prepare.

Be polite

Money is always a tough thing to discuss, so be polite, gracious and poised in your conversation. Don’t get greedy or assumptive when it comes to financial contributions they may offer.

Go over details

Be prepared to tell your parents what you are hoping to plan. Help them understand what the money will be going toward. If you already know what one family has volunteered to contribute, let them know what you are working with already. 

Be prepared for the worst

Like we said, don’t assume anything. And since you and your fiancé should have already discussed what you are going to do if no one is able to contribute, at least your prepared for that worst case scenario.

Get on the same page

The hard part is over. Now that you know what you are working with in its entirety, make a plan. Work with whoever is contributing – all together – and decide how you are going to prioritize your budget and track your budget throughout the process. 

Get started

Once you know how you plan to spend your money, get planning!

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Photo: Abbie Blair Photography