We get it, things aren’t normal right now – stay-at-home orders and worldwide pandemics have a way of doing that. But for now, we are all in it together to figure out a new normal. For our engaged couples, that means how to move forward with wedding planning. Don’t put your wedding dreams on hold, instead take advantage of this time when you get to stay in sweats all day and plan from home (#PFH)! Other than getting to dress in sweats all day, here’s how you can keep things as normal as possible while navigating virtual planning.


  1. Stick with your Timeline

Stay on track with your timeline, as you planned. Everyone is trying to find a piece of normal and staying on track will help. Is it time to pick out ? Great, find a local shop that offers an online or virtual experience. Time to pick your menu? Great, ask your caterer to send you their to look over at home and ask if they are offering to-go tastings for the time being. Most vendors are working to offer meetings and tastings remotely to keep things moving so that you are able to stick with your planning timeline.


  1. Planning / Life Balance

Being home nearly 24/7 probably opened up some free time (goodbye commutes!). While you might want to use all that extra time to knock out planning, and you certainly can, it’s not going to make things move any quicker. Your wedding date isn’t going to come faster just because you plan faster. Keep a healthy balance of work, planning and personal life. And just because you can’t go out and have a personal life, doesn’t mean you can’t have one at home! There are plenty of at-home date options (stay tuned for more ideas coming from us!). Think cooking new recipes, taking online “dance lessons,” a movie night or a Zoom game night.


  1. Get Help

Get a planner. We mean both a wedding planner and literally a physical daily planner. The value of a wedding planner has never been clearer! If that’s not in the cards, become your own planner. Write down goals, time block your day and divvy time up by project. Make sure you also practice self-care. Work out, meditate, treat yourself – whatever it may be.


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Photo credit [vetted] Easterday Creative