Marry now, party later—it’s one of our favorite mottos as of late over here at the Bustld office as weddings have been changed as we know them for the near future. More and more couples are opting to officially tie the knot now and then throw the big shindig at a later date when all has calmed down. So, say you are one of those duos that has been swayed to do just that... let us show you how to execute it flawlessly with these five steps.


Making the Judgement Call

First off and probably most obvious is deciding if this is actually for you as a couple. Is it really what you want? Perhaps you have had a super long engagement and are ready to tie the knot and not willing to wait anymore. Or maybe, you wanted an intimate wedding ceremony anyway and get a little shy around tons of guests. This takes the pressure of you for sure so that you can just focus on your sweetheart the day-of.


How to Word the Change

Now that the biggest decision is out of the way (to postpone your wedding reception), what should you tell guests or how should you inform them. We feel like it is always best to keep it lighthearted. Here are a few creative and catchy ways you could word it on an email or via snail mail with an updated wedding invitation:


-Marry now, Party Later (obviously our fave!)


-Good things are worth the wait


-Rollin’ with it (maybe even send each guests a roll of TP in the mail if you can swing it!)


-Love is patient. Like, really patient.


-New Year, Same Wedding.


Coordinate with Vendors

This is a biggie and more than likely you have signed contracts with your venue, florist, rental company, baker, etc. You will want to inform, starting with your planner, all wedding vendors involved in your big day so that they can make sure that they can change your original date so that it doesn’t conflict with anything else on their schedule. They will also be the ones who hold the key to whether the change is even possible. From what we have found, vendors are more than happy to accommodate a date change as we are all in this together. They’d much rather you fulfill your contract.


Remember the Little Things

There will be loads you will need to change and rearrange (praise hands for planners here) so here a few to make sure you don’t forget about.


-Updating your wedding website (and potentially your registry) with your new date or new needs


-Informing your closest friends and family, explaining your rationale for doing what you are doing


-Celebrating your original date in some creative way! Maybe a fancy-schmancy date night? Check out this article for some suggestions.


-Reach out to hotels where you have received room blocks to see if guests can receive a partial or full refund on their reservations


Photo Credit: [v e t t e d] Three Region Photography