Another option during the COVID-19 pandemic besides postponing your wedding is to down-size your wedding. Micro-weddings and elopements have become increasingly more popular, aside from Coronavirus giving couples getting married in the Spring no other option. So, if you absolutely positively know you still want to get married on your original date, you can turn your wedding into a micro-wedding or elopement.


  1. Cut Your Guest List

One of the hardest parts of taking a regular, full-size 150-person wedding and down-sizing is cutting your . During this time, your guests are bound to understand the dis-invite, but it doesn’t make it any easier.


A micro-wedding is typically under 50 people. Before you decide to cut your guest list to 50 exactly, make sure you check if your state is under any specific mandates or restrictions on a size limit of gatherings.


Either way, whether you have to cut your guest list to 5 or 50, the first step to micro-sizing your wedding is cutting your guest list. The easiest way to do that is to send out a notice to your guests that you have changed plans and due to the current situation will no longer be hosting your wedding as planned. If you are offering a virtual way to include guests or plan to send out a video or even celebrate with everyone at a later date, let your guests know if there’s a way they’ll be able to celebrate with you.


  1. Move Your Location

After you’ve cut your guest list, the next thing to do is, most likely, move your location. If you planned to have 150 people and now you only have 25, you probably don’t need the same venue you planned to use. Let alone, a lot of venues might not be open for the time being with many state mandates in effect. If you are micro-sizing after things have settled down, you’ll want to find a venue better fit for your new head count or even a or family member’s property.


  1. Handle Your Vendors
    Now that you’ve cut down on size and found your new location, it’s time to handle your vendors accordingly. You probably still want to keep all of your vendors, but you’ll need to use their services differently with the new headcount. Your photography, videography, entertainment and coordination’s plan won’t change, but you should still give them a heads up so they can realign expectations. You might even want to talk to them about adding on expedited services so you can share with your guests who are no longer invited to attend.


However, catering, florals, rentals and beauty services will likely be affected the most by your micro-sizing. Let each vendor know what your new anticipated count is and the new location plan so you can figure out how to make it work.


Also, don’t forget whatever vendors that stay through the event count as a person toward your headcount. So, if there’s a mandate to the number of people you can gather, make sure to include your guests and vendors in that number.


Photo credit [vetted]: Shannyn Dare Photography