Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days in your life, so naturally you want to be surrounded by the most important people in your life. That all starts with picking your bridal party! Follow these simple steps to get started.


  1. Think about your closest family and friends

You want to think about who your key friends are whether that’s people you’ve known since childhood or people who have been big supporters of your relationship. Then, consider any family who is really important to you.


  1. Ignore obligation

You shouldn’t feel obligated to pick someone. Make sure you think through the people that matter most to you and to you two as a couple. Make a pick that's going to be someone that you feel will be just as important in your life 10 years from now as they are today. Just because someone asked you to be a part of their bridal party doesn’t mean you have to ask them. 


  1. Sides don’t have to be even

There's no rule that says sides have to be even! It can be really fun to kind of change it up and the only part that you have to think through then is the processional and recessional of the ceremony – but that’s easy!


  1. Mix up the genders

Don't feel like have to pick only girls as bridesmaids and guys as groomsmen. If you have a best guy friend, make them a bridesman or make a really great girlfriend, a groomswoman.


  1. Honor people (or pets!) in a different way

Maybe you want a really small bridal party or maybe a close cousin just didn’t make the cut as a bridesmaid. If there are other important family members that weren'tincluded in the wedding party, there's lots of other cool ways to incorporate them throughout the ceremony and the reception. Ask them to do the reading or serve as an usher instead. If you have a dog that you just have to include in your special day, include them in your processional or bring them in for a few pictures. 


  1. Ask away

There's so many fun things you can do now to ask your bridal party. It's become this whole side project, that can be a lot of fun! You can put together little boxes, maybe have everybody over for coffee or wine and then ask them to be a part of your bridal party. Really, the point is to show them how much they mean to you from the start.


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