Gone are the days of seating all your single friends at one table, just because they are single. No one likes to be at a table full of people they don’t know. Having said that, sometimes it does happen that a single guest of yours doesn’t know anyone at your wedding. Whether your single friend knows someone else at the wedding or not, there are better ways to find them a seat than at an all-singles table.


With Couples They Know

Just because they are single, doesn’t mean you can’t sit them with other couples on your seating chart. Especially if they know those couples, that’s the ideal place to seat these guests. Sitting with a couple you know is better than sitting with no one you know.


With Anyone They Know

Maybe this friend happens to have met some of your cousins before or your neighbors. Find a spot for them at a table where they know at least one person. This will make them feel a little more comfortable and at ease. 


With the Bridal Party

Depends on your seating situation already, if the only people this person knows are part of your bridal party, you could opt to seat them there. Now, if you have a super small bridal party seated at a head table, this might not be the right choice but if you have a sweetheart table and your bridal party is split between other round tables, this is a great option.


With People from the Same Area or School

If your single friend doesn’t know anyone, then of course there is no other option than to seat them at a table with people they don’t know. But that doesn’t mean it should be a table filled with other single people they don’t know. This makes everyone feel a little uncomfortable and well, reminds them they are single, which isn’t always the best feeling. So, instead, seat your single friends at a table of people they have something in common with. Are there people there that went to the same college? Or live in the same area? Find a way to connect them to someone else at a table.  


Photo credit: Jodi Gray Photography