Now that you know what you need to make the space into a reception, how do you put it all together, so it looks like a wedding reception? We’re letting the expert, Samie Roberts founder of Something Perfect and co-founder of Bustld, explain how to do just that. 

Well, for starters you need to accurately measure your space. For traditional venues, they likely already have the floor plan input into a system where you can just drag and drop tables, but for a blank space, especially an outdoor space, nothing is already known. 

“Especially if it's a backyard situation, you want to make sure you know how big your backyard accurately is,” explains Samie. “You want to put all that information into some kind of system that you're going to use, so that you can really get a good idea of how it's going to lay out.”

Once you’ve measured and drawn out the diagram, then you want to really rely on the expertise and knowledge of your vendors to help put everything in its place. Start big and then work down to the smaller items. So, decide where the reception area/tent will go, where the bathrooms will go, where the catering tent will go and so on. 

“You want to make sure everything's close enough, so people aren't trekking to the bathrooms or catering isn’t running back and forth a long distance and, now, food service is slowing down,” Samie said. “So, thinking about those things and really paying attention that you're creating a floor plan that's good for your layout and for your logistics.”

From there, go smaller. Where is the best place for the dance floor and the bar? What about guest tables and food tables? Is your cake table out of the sun? 

Once you know how you want the areas set, work with your vendors on how long set up will take. Tents and blank space set ups tend to take a little longer than the average three hours traditional venues give for set up. Since the list of things to set up is a little more extensive, it only makes sense that it takes more time. Especially with tents. Sometimes, tents can take days so make sure you work with your rental company and location on when you can access the space and realistically, how much set up time is needed.

Photo Courtesy of Design a Dream Events 

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