It’s no secret that with so many weddings postponing or canceling that business is tough right now. While you may usually be a wedding vendor only, it’s time to venture outside the box and expand horizons a little for the time being.



Your bread and butter is wedding day photography, we get it. If you’re open to it, try to expand your portfolio and offer lifestyle sessions (for healthy families, of course). Or try running a special for engagement photos only during this time. Same for all you videographers, it might be the time to try something new and offer engagement videos or even family videos as a unique and special memory during this crazy time.



Food is food, whether it be wedding food or not. Take all that yummy food you usually make for weddings and turn it into at home meal offering for people to purchase for pick up. Also, take advantage of any upcoming holidays, like Easter or Memorial Day, and come up with special holiday catering options.



While you may think you need an audience to do your job, that’s not necessarily the case. You can create your own playlists for people to play at home, you can offer private lessons on DJing or on your musical instrument you play in your band. Bands could even offer online, virtual concerts. We know we’d subscribe!



Just like with caterers, sweets are sweets that can be eaten anywhere, not just a wedding! Start making smaller sized sweets for purchase or even “BYO” kits, like sugar cookies, couples and families can decorate on their own at home.



Now more than ever couples are going to need help and guidance as they navigate what to do about their wedding. Start offering specific re-planning or wedding postponement packages to help couples who might not already have a planner to help them through this time of the unknown.



If your focus has mainly been on wedding rentals, shift that and think smaller. Can you offer dinner party rentals or holiday rentals for those who host upcoming holidays in their home?



Flowers are pretty whether they are at a wedding or not so now is the time to offer retail floral purchases and at-home delivery options. People are going to be stuck at home, so why not give them something pretty to look at while they are home?


Paper Goods

Many couples are going to need new paper goods with a new date on it, or an announcement saying they have postponed. Mockup a postponement announcement and start advertising the heck out of it!



At-home services may become more popular than ever with people not wanted to go into brick and mortar salons. Also, with people at home more often now might be the time to offer tutorials on popular hairstyles people can learn themselves.



While it may be hard to offer another service outside of hosting an event, you could increase business by advertising open dates for couples looking to reschedule. Post your availability online so that information is readily available. Also, start offering virtual tours so couples don’t have to worry about seeing the space in person.