Small, local businesses are the heart and soul of what makes each city unique and special. But the coronavirus is hitting them hard. While it’s a hard time for everyone, there are still small changes you can make to help support local businesses during this time – with and without spending extra cash!



Many local boutiques are selling online now, if they weren’t already. If you are going to be home on your computer all day anyways, check out some of your local shops rather than your usual big-name retailers. Even Bustld has officially launched their merchandise line, not so you can support us, but so we can support local business. We will be donating 100 (that’s right!) percent of all proceeds to small businesses in the wedding and events industry that are struggling during this unprecedented time.



Some of the best restaurants are locally owned restaurants you won’t be able to find in any other cities. While most cities have closed their dining rooms for guests, they are offering to-go and delivery options. Instead of picking up a pizza from your favorite chain, find a local pizza shop to support. Ask your wedding caterer if they are offering any sort of meal pick-up options so you can support them!



Nowadays, local breweries are the place to go for the best beer. So, if you can’t go there find out if they have a pick-up option for the time being. Or at least look for that local beer in the grocery store. Even some restaurants have started selling cocktail mixes and bottles of wine. Consider supporting them with your alcohol purchases rather than a chain grocery store.



We’ve seen several wedding florists shift their talents into regular retail for the time being. If you’re going to be at home all the time, buy some pretty flowers to spruce up your home!



Just like wedding florists, other wedding vendors are shifting their business offerings for the time being. Consider looking up some of your local vendors, or even ask some of your booked wedding vendors if there’s anything they are offering right now you can support them with. We’ve seen bakers offering cookie decorating kits, photographers offer front-porch photo sessions and more.


In the meantime, make sure to shop our new merch line to support the wedding businesses in need (don’t forget, 100 percent of proceeds are currently going toward struggling small businesses in the wedding industry).