You just got engaged and have a sparkly new ring on your finger. If you haven’t worn nice jewelry before, you might be wondering how to best take care of your engagement ring. After all, you will hopefully be wearing it for the rest of your life! Being proactive about protecting your ring is key to keeping it looking great for decades to come.


For the sake of clarity in this article, we’ll be considering the average engagement ring to be crafted in gold with a diamond (or several)! Obviously, there are so many other options, but your jeweler will be the best reference for your specific ring. After all, we’re a wedding planning resource, not a jeweler!


If your ring isn’t made of gold or doesn’t have stones, the below can still help to keep it looking fabulous!


How to Take Care of your Engagement Ring


1. Take it to a jeweler.

Gold is one of the softer metals out there. It’s incredibly malleable, which makes it perfect for engagement rings! Unfortunately, that also means that over time, the prongs that hold your precious diamond in place can shift and loosen. You won’t even notice until you look down one day and notice your ring is missing its most valuable piece!


For this reason, take your ring to a jeweler for a tune-up once a year. Not only will this ensure your ring is in tip-top shape, but it’s also a great opportunity to support a local jeweler. If you live an active lifestyle, you might want to take your ring in twice a year as an added precaution.


2. Keep your ring away from harsh chemicals.

Cleaning supplies, chlorine, and other caustic chemicals can dull your ring and cause tarnishing over time. If you forget to take your ring off at the pool or while cleaning the bathroom, be sure to rinse it thoroughly in a mild soap and warm water solution.


3. Use a soft ring holder.

If you take your ring off at night or while doing chores, you might be tempted to just set it down on a table. But doing this over and over and over again can lead to dings and scratches. Instead, invest in a ring holder lined with velvet or another soft material.


4. Keep it on in public.

Anyone who has a shiny new engagement ring has dealt with the dilemma of taking it off or leaving it on when washing your hands in a public restroom. A sudsy hand lather shouldn’t cause damage to your ring as long as you thoroughly rinse and dry your hands. It’s riskier (both for dropping it or forgetting it) to take your ring off when washing your hands.


5. Avoid wear and tear.

Some wear and tear is inevitable. You want to wear your ring, not display it in a glass case. That said, it’s not indestructible. While diamonds are called the hardest substance on earth, they can still get banged up over time (and if you have a softer stone, be especially cautious). The real concern, though, is damaging the gold in your ring. As we mentioned above, gold is incredibly soft. It can scratch and dent, increasing the risk of dislodging your stone.


Consider removing your ring if you’re doing any heavy lifting, cleaning, gardening, exercising, washing dishes, or anything else that can cause unnecessary wear and tear.


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