There’s no question that you’ve decided to hire a wedding planner. And why shouldn’t you? This person will help relieve so much stress and help you figure everything out. You’ve narrowed in on which planners you want to reach out to and you already know what you are going to ask them during the consultation. And hopefully you already know what kind of budget you need to work within for the service. 

What you might not know is that different planners will charge differently. We don’t just mean in the amount they charge, but how they charge. There are a few different ways planners might charge and we’re breaking it down for you.

Flat Fee

This is the most common way a planner will charge, and probably what you had in mind. This is when a planner has a set amount each of her packages cost. So, the coordination package might cost $2,000 and the full planning package might cost $6,000. As long as you understand exactly what the package entails, there are usually no additional charges in the end. 


Some luxury wedding planners will charge by the percentage. This means they take a percentage of the overall budget as their fee. A standard percentage cut is often between 15% -20%. So, if you meet with a planner who has an 18% fee and your budget is $50,000, their fee is $9,000. 


If you are just looking for some minor consulting here and there or just design work, some planners offer an hourly rate. It’s exactly as it sounds, planners will charge you by the hour for their work. 


You might run into a planner who charges a mix of the above. They might have a set flat fee for wedding day work but charge a percentage of budget to do design work. Or they might offer a flat fee for a package and charge hourly for an additional work that is needed. 

Photo: Jack Robert Photography