Traditions are sometimes outdated and worn. But, when mixed with the right modern touch, they can feel fresh and fun again. This couldn’t be truer for wedding anniversary gift traditions. So, here’s our take on what to do for the traditional anniversary gifts.


First – Paper

Frame your wedding invitation to hang somewhere special in your home. If not your invitation, then another paper item from your wedding, like your vows, the reading you had in your ceremony or something along those lines that is printed on paper.


Second – Cotton

Buy a new outfit for your partner and surprise them with a date night. Lay the outfit out for when they get home from work with a note telling them to get changed and where to meet you at what time.


Third – Leather

Get a new leather overnighter bag and pack it up for a surprise night away. Even if it’s just a staycation at nearby resort or fancy hotel in the city nearby.


Fourth – Fruit/Flowers

Wine is made from grapes and grapes are a fruit, so wine = fruit, right? In that case, we think a trip to a winery or taking a wine tasting class is in order. If wines not your thing, surprise your partner with flowers delivered to their workplace, a flower-filled bath or even a homemade cocktail garnished with a flower (to accompany a home cooked meal, made by you).


Fifth – Wood

Something to hang in your home on a wooden canvas. A state cut-out of where you live, where you met or where you married. A canvas of your wedding date or your last name. If you have children, consider adding their names or create a canvas with all the important dates in your life like your wedding date and your kids’ birthdays. The ideas are endless!


Sixth – Sugar or Iron

Experience a chocolate making class or cake decorating class together. If golf happens to be a hobby you both share, book a tee time at the nicest course nearby and treat yourself to a day on the course with a set of new iron golf clubs.


Seventh – Wool/Copper

Pick out a new super soft wool blanket, find your partners favorite movie, pop their favorite popcorn and set up a movie date night in.


Eighth – Bronze

Go jewelry on this one. Necklace, bracelet, ring, cufflinks, watch.


Ninth – Pottery

Take a pottery make class! Something that is probably new to the both of you.


Tenth – Aluminum or Tin

This is ten years we’re talking. It’s time to go big. Splurge on that new suitcase and book a trip somewhere good. Maybe a new car has been in the talks about for a while. No time like the present! Get that apple watch for your partner (and one for yourself while you’re at it!).


Photo credit [vetted]: Abby Byrd Photography