You’ve accepted the proposal, you’ve announced it to the world (or at least your inner circle!) and the dust is finally settling. Now what? Before you get caught in the weeds of wedding planning, there are a few things you are going to want to do first.


1.Insure Your Ring

Get that bad boy some insurance ASAP! In fact, that’s something your future spouse should have done the moment they picked the ring up from the jeweler. If it’s not, make sure once it’s on your finger and you are wearing it out and about that it’s insured. Most insurance companies can bundle it in with your rental or homeowners insurance package to make it easy for you.


2.Fit the Ring

Unless you went with your partner ring shopping and got sized, chances are they guessed your ring size and the chances that they guessed correctly is slim. Don’t worry, it’s very common and it’s just a simple trip back to the jewelers to get it sized correctly.


3.Get a Manicure

Everyone’s going to be asking to see your finger and you’re going to want to take all the ring pictures, so treat yourself to a manicure!



If you want to celebrate with friends and family plan a celebratory brunch or dinner, or even an engagement party.


5.Enjoy the Moment Alone

Most importantly, enjoy the moment just the two of you. That’s what this whole thing is about anyways! Plan a date night or even an engagement-moon –you deserve it!


6.Set a Timeline

After all of that, take the first steps into preparing for wedding planning. Before you dive in and get caught up in the weeds, make sure you’ve got a basic plan in place. Do you want to be engaged for five months or 15? Do you want to look at a spring wedding or a fall wedding? Talk through the basics and put a timeline around things, then, (join Bustld for free)and get started with planning!


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Photo Credit Vanessa Ray Photography